[Mailman-Users] open list and unsubscription

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Apr 13 01:54:39 CEST 2008

bergenpeak at comcast.net wrote:
>What functionality would I lose if I just changed the code that processed the info being delivered to "list-xyz-request"?  What if I changed, in /etc/alias, "|mailman request list-xyz" to a "|my-code.pl list-xyz".

What's this my-code.pl stuff? Shouldn't that be my-code.py? ;)

>This code would simply determine if this was a subscribe or unsubscribe request, and add_member or remove_member.   From what I can tell, if I run the add_member or remove_member directly, there's no need for a user confirmation or list-admin approval (right?)

The main problem with the above is SETGID doesn't work on scripts so
your script will run as the user:group that the MTA invoked it as.
Depending on the MTA and its configuration, this may not have
permission to successfully run Mailman's bin/add_members and

>I guess if its not obviously a subscribe or unsubscribe, I could then do a "|mailman request list-xyz" and see if the standard mailman machinery can figure out the right response.
>What can of worms would I be opening if I went down this path?

Aside from the potential permissions issue, it should be OK as long as
the MTA allows it sufficient time to finish.

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