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Con Wieland cwieland at uci.edu
Wed Apr 16 00:29:19 CEST 2008

On Apr 15, 2008, at 2:58 PM, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Con Wieland wrote:
>> I am having trouble understanding what is going on with the
>> attachments and archives. I have a message being sent to the list
>> that appears to be text with a pdf attachment. With Mac mail I
>> receive it as expected showing both the text and the attachment. When
>> I go to the archives though I get the message text plus
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>> An HTML attachment was scrubbed...
>> URL: http://maillists.uci.edu/mailman/public/test/attachments/
>> 20080415/846539df/attachment-0002.html
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>> A non-text attachment was scrubbed...
>> Name: jeffrey_vallance.pdf
>> Type: application/pdf
>> Size: 161144 bytes
>> Desc: not available
>> Url : http://maillists.uci.edu/mailman/public/test/attachments/
>> 20080415/846539df/attachment-0001.pdf
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>> An HTML attachment was scrubbed...
>> URL: http://maillists.uci.edu/mailman/public/test/attachments/
>> 20080415/846539df/attachment-0003.html
> So, it looks like the message structure is something like
> multipart/mixed
>     multipart/alternative
>         text/plain        (the plain text you see in the archive)
>         text/html         (the html version which is
>                            attachment-0002.html in the archive)
>     application/pdf       (the pdf attachment which is
>                            attachment-0001.pdf in the archive)
>     text/html             (appears to be a (empty) footer added
>                            probably by the sender's MUA. This
>                            is attachment-0003.html in the archive)
>> My questions are,  why am I getting the html attachments?
> Because the sender's MUA is sending them and your content filtering is
> either not on or is not removing HTML and not collapsing alternatives.

Correct it was not on for this example but when I turn it on and select:

Remove message attachments that have a matching content type.			text/ 

I lose the pdf too. How can I configure it to just remove the text/ 
html and leave the text/plain and application/pdf ?

>> and why
>> are they jibberish?
> They are not gibberish. They are HTML shown to you as raw rather than
> rendered HTML.

Yes, gibberish was not the right word. But why aren't they rendered  
when I click on the link. I am used to just being able to open the  
link and have them rendered.


> The attachment-0002.html appears to be an announcement for "Beyond
> Field: A Guide Through Practice and Discipline" which is what I assume
> the original plain text is too. If you visit that link
> (<http://maillists.uci.edu/mailman/public/test/attachments/ 
> 20080415/846539df/attachment-0002.html>,
> and copy the text and paste it into a file named xxx.html and open
> that file in a web browser, you'll see a rendered version which is
> probably what you saw in your mail client rather than the plain text.
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