[Mailman-Users] Need capability of link to archived messages

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Apr 17 18:09:14 CEST 2008

Darren G Pifer wrote:

> The issue was no such much the moderator had to approve the message
> because of the size but the fact that the e-mail messages to the list
> are rather large.  It took about 10 munites to get my Evolution client
> to read the entire message.  Mailman is probably not the software we not
> to use for this kind of function, that is, storing backup logs, but it
> is convenient.

Even if Mailman3 will be able to tell you within the message itself what the 
URL is to the same content in the archives, Mailman isn't going to strip off 
the body of the message unless the logs are recognized as some sort of 
"attachment" and you've turned on "scrub_nondigest".

What you guys really need is a document management system that has an e-mail 
interface.  Once the backup log has been put into the document management 
system, it could send out an e-mail message with the URL to where the log is 
stored, and that e-mail message could go out to the mailing list.

Myself, in managing the mailing lists and mail system for python.org (where 
this mailing list is hosted), I run daily reports which send their output to 
a private archived mailing list, where I'm the only subscriber.  So, I get 
to see the reports sent to me by e-mail, and I can go back in the archives 
online if I need to pull out historical information from a while back.

But these are relatively short reports, not something nearly as massive as 
backup logs.

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