[Mailman-Users] Security issues and code releases ... OO example

VLM TechSubs TechSubs at VibrantLivingMinistries.org
Thu Apr 17 15:29:26 CEST 2008

Greetings everyone,

First, I do not wish to trigger another round of flames, as we had here
yesterday WRT this topic. 

Second, and by coincidence from my perspective, the Open Office team just
issued a post that some here might find informative WRT this topic.

Third, I am not a developer. I share this only as a resource, and not as an
attempt to judge anything or suggest a course of action to anyone. 

That said ... enjoy!

Please note that OpenOffice.org version 2.4, released on 27th March, fixed a
number of security vulnerabilities. To our knowledge, none of these has been
exploited; however, in accordance with industry best practice, we recommend
all users upgrade to 2.4.

This information has been withheld until now to ensure that all the products
derived from the OpenOffice.org codebase have been able to include these
security fixes before the public announcement of the vulnerabilities.

For full details of the vulnerabilities fixed, please see our security
bulletin http://www.openoffice.org/security/bulletin.html

The OpenOffice.org Security Team

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