[Mailman-Users] Infinite moderation loop for one list

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Apr 18 07:44:34 CEST 2008

Ricardo Ramirez wrote:
>I am the owner of several mailman lists and I have set up very stringent
>moderation filters in an effort to curb spam. The filters work as
>expected except for one list in particular. The list is owned by itself
>and me.

No list should ever be owned by itself.

>It is configured to send the owner notice of a pending
>moderation request immediately. The list itself has never received this
>notice, however I do. Furthermore, when a message gets flagged for
>moderation, mailman falls into an infinite loop. It's my understanding
>that this shouldn't happen because 1) Mailman is not supposed to
>moderate messages sent from itself

Why do you think that?

>and 2) X-BeenThere headers are
>appended to the message headers. None of the other lists I moderate
>(which are configured mostly the same) exhibit the same problems. Any ideas?

I don't know what the specific issue is with this list or why it
doesn't occur with other lists, but as I said, a list should never be
owned by itself. I'm sure if you remove the list posting address from
owner (and moderator if it's there) your problem will be solved.

FWIW, I may lack imagination, but I can't think why you would want list
owner notifications to be sent to the list.

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