[Mailman-Users] Infinite moderation loop for one list

Ricardo Ramirez rram at the-tech.mit.edu
Fri Apr 18 06:41:29 CEST 2008


I am the owner of several mailman lists and I have set up very stringent 
moderation filters in an effort to curb spam. The filters work as 
expected except for one list in particular. The list is owned by itself 
and me. It is configured to send the owner notice of a pending 
moderation request immediately. The list itself has never received this 
notice, however I do. Furthermore, when a message gets flagged for 
moderation, mailman falls into an infinite loop. It's my understanding 
that this shouldn't happen because 1) Mailman is not supposed to 
moderate messages sent from itself and 2) X-BeenThere headers are 
appended to the message headers. None of the other lists I moderate 
(which are configured mostly the same) exhibit the same problems. Any ideas?


Ricardo Ramirez

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