[Mailman-Users] installing mailman and sendmail

Shams Fantar sfantar at snurf.info
Wed Apr 30 19:22:29 CEST 2008

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Dragon wrote:

> OK, I don't know this for certain, but that seems to me that sendmail is
> either not configured correctly or not running at all. Unfortunately, I
> am no expert on sendmail and I can't give any specific help on setting
> it up without digging into the documentation. But you can try a few
> things here to see what is going on.
> Are you able to send and receive mail from this box at all?
> What do you get after running the following (you will probably need to
> be root):
> ps aux | grep sendmail
> It should produce something like this (and possibly more entries):
> root     31013  0.0  0.2   9284  1196 ?        Ss   Mar29   2:44
> sendmail: accepting connections

Yes, sendmail is running.

> You mentioned earlier you could not find your sendmail.cf file, try:
> find / -name *.cf -print

No, I didn't say that (because sendmail.cf exists), I just said that
with "grep smrsh /etc/mail/sendmail.cf", I'm getting nothing with grep,
so, "smrsh" isn't in this file.

> I think you need to make certain that sendmail is set up correctly and
> can process mail before going forward with trying to troubleshoot mailman.

Yes, I think it's just a problem with sendmail (or with mailman).

>> PS : I'm running debian lenny/sid.
> It may be a good idea to check with debian support resources to help get
> this sorted out. It seems like every distribution does things a little
> bit different and they all seem to have their own ideas on what are the
> proper locations for things and the proper way to start daemons, etc.

Ok, if I don't manage to fixe the problem, I'll ask for helping on the
debian mailing list.

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