[Mailman-Users] installing mailman and sendmail

Hank van Cleef vancleef at lostwells.net
Wed Apr 30 23:22:07 CEST 2008

The esteemed Shams Fantar has said:
> No, I didn't say that (because sendmail.cf exists), I just said that
> with "grep smrsh /etc/mail/sendmail.cf", I'm getting nothing with grep,
> so, "smrsh" isn't in this file.
> > 
> > I think you need to make certain that sendmail is set up correctly and
> > can process mail before going forward with trying to troubleshoot mailman.
> Yes, I think it's just a problem with sendmail (or with mailman).
> > 
> >> PS : I'm running debian lenny/sid.
> > 

I'm going to jump in here as I run Mailman with sendmail on a Solaris
system.  I can't comment on pecuiliarities of a Linux precompiled

The Mailman installation manual goes through the steps of enabling 
a link to smrsh.

Additionally, you'll need to enable the sendmail smrsh capability.
You need to do this by adding a line in the main.mc file for sendmail
and rerunning the M4 process to recreate the sendmail.cf file.
The line to add is:

FEATURE(smrsh, /usr/lib/smrsh)dnl

This assumes that the smrsh executable is in /usr/lib.

If you are trying to run with a precompiled sendmail, you'll need to
configure main.mc for a variety of things that generally aren't in
default installations; the line above in "in addition to" selecting
things like relay control, masquerading, access_db, virtusertable etc. etc.  


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