[Mailman-Users] line returns missing

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Aug 3 02:16:53 CEST 2008

Philip Tellis wrote:

>2008/8/2 Michael Welch <mwelch at redwoodalliance.org>:
>> Hi gang. Every now and then, I get messages from the list that display with no line returns. I have seen this happen on this Mailman-Users list, and recall that the problem was that Eudora for Windows did not handle a particular type of charset properly.
>> Now I am getting these occasionally from my own list. I do not recall this happening with anything other than messages from Mailman. None of my list members have complained (yet), but I would love to have your opinion if this is a list problem or my personal email client.
>> Here are the ContentTypes for three of the messages, along with the sender's email client:
>It could also depend on your email client, and the
>Content-Transfer-Encoding, and perhaps other mail headers.  Have a
>look at those headers and see if you get a pattern.  I remember seeing
>this a few years ago with quoted-printable text, but I also see it in
>the email that you just sent, and that's 7bit.

I doubt it has to do with character set.

Also, I don't know what you (Michael) mean by "display with no line
returns". If you mean that lines don't wrap to the width of the
display window in your MUA but have a horizontal scroll bar, that is
almost certainly an issue with your MUA.

Some MUAs, notably including Yahoo and various Microsoft products,
compose mail in "word processor" paragraph form where each paragraph
is one long line. The more standards aware of these will encode the
body as quoted-printable so that the lines sent over the wire are less
than 80 characters, but the decoded body still has these long lines.

Most MUAs, when viewing such a message, will wrap the long lines to
window width or at least have settings to control this.

In order to see if there is any Mailman involvement in this, we would
need to see two copies of the same message as raw messages with all
headers and MIME structure intact; one as sent to the list or received
by Cc or Bcc without going through Mailman (which presumably doesn't
have this issue) and one as received from the list.

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