[Mailman-Users] Sendmail performance

Brad Knowles brad at python.org
Fri Aug 8 23:40:35 CEST 2008

Knabe, Troy wrote:

> So that works, but I am still seeing 7 minutes where the messages are
> staying in the sendmail queue. Sendmail is configured to re-run the
> queue every 5 minutes so the extra 2 is about right for how long it
> takes to go through the other messages in the queue first. But why
> does the message hit the sendmail queue instead of being delivered
> directly?

You start up the secondary copy of sendmail in deferred mode.  This means 
that *EVERYTHING* hits the queue first-thing, and no delivery attempt is 
made until the queue runner gets to it.

That's the point of deferred mode.  If you don't want that, the you need to 
start up in something other than deferred mode.

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