[Mailman-Users] Problem with List Archive not Auto-Generating

David Goldsmith dgoldsmith at sans.org
Mon Aug 11 20:19:18 CEST 2008

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Mark Sapiro wrote:

| The corrupt file is lists/listname/request.pck - the file that holds
| the outstanding moderator requests. You should also be seeing some
| error if you go to the admindb interface for this list. If you just
| remove the request.pck, that will fix this problem, but I doubt it
| will fix the non-archiving problem. That sounds like a corrupt archive
| database, but bin/arch --wipe should fix that.

The request.pck file has been removed.

| BTW, the list that has the corrupt request.pck probably isn't the one
| that's not archiving. Do
| bin/show_qfiles
| to see the shunted post which should indicate (in To:) what list it's
| for. If it's To: more than one list, use bin/dumpdb instead to see the
| listname in the metadata.
| There may be several of these shunted posts. After you remove the bad
| request.pck, you can run bin/unshunt to reprocess them. Before running
| unshunt it is always a good idea to look at all the files in
| qfiles/shunt to make sure they are all current and relevant and remove
| the ones that aren't.

Yikes.  Didn't realize that Mailman was maintaining a queue like that.
Nuked all of the really old messages, cleaned out the spam, ran
"unshunt" and got various errors due to permissions.  Ran "check_perms
- -v" and "check_perms -f" to correct that.  Re-ran "unshunt" and most of
the messages were picked up and delivered to the lists.

| Anyway, after you take care of all this, if you still have the archive
| issue, check the error log for errors relating to that (from
| ArchRunner) and post a traceback if you can't figure it out (it may be
| a permissions issue).

The list with problems has an updated archive now.  I'll wait and see
what happens when the next message comes in.  Looking at the
"logs/error" file, I did get some errors when I unshunted the files.
Turns out that one of the other lists had a corrupt pipermail.pck file.
~ After nuking and rebuilding that lists archives, I think things are
running as they should be right now.

Thanks for the info,

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