[Mailman-Users] stopping a message post in progress?

Wallace Winfrey wally at booyaka.com
Tue Aug 19 23:11:40 CEST 2008

Mark Sapiro wrote:

> How do you catch this? If you've received the post from the list, it is
> very likely that by the time you are able to react, Mailman will have
> completed its delivery to the MTA.

We'll see it posted to the forum, which, when a user posts, will pipe 
the message to mailman, along with an Approved: header. I find that 
there's usually at least 2-3 minutes between the time that a post 
occurs, and we see mailman start to deliver it in the maillog.

> Stop your MTA.
> Stop Mailman.
> There may or may not be queued messages in the MTA. Examine them all
> and delete the ones you don't want delivered.
> Start the MTA.
> The message may or may not be queued in Mailman. Examine the entries
> (.pck files) in Mailman's in/, out/ and retry/ queues with
> bin/show_qfiles. If you find any entries containing the unwanted
> message, remove them.
> Start Mailman.

Great (and, in retrospect, obvious) advice. Thanks for spelling it out 
for me though. Hopefully this thread will prove useful to someone in a 
similar situation Googling for a solution :-)



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