[Mailman-Users] stopping a message post in progress?

Zbigniew Szalbot z.szalbot at lcwords.com
Tue Aug 19 23:11:27 CEST 2008


Mark Sapiro pisze:
> How do you catch this? If you've received the post from the list, it is
> very likely that by the time you are able to react, Mailman will have
> completed its delivery to the MTA.

Yes, Mark is right. This reminds me about China Olympics where the tv 
broadcast is said to have delays of about 20 seconds.

Maybe, this is an option for the future - custom defned delays per list 
(delays between a message is received by Mailman and passed on to MTA)?

I can hardly imagine this is useful unless someone watches over a list 
all the time or the delay is really big (like 8 hours or so)? But with 
too big a delay, poster is likely to resubmit... :)



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