[Mailman-Users] stopping a message post in progress?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Aug 19 23:05:34 CEST 2008

Wallace Winfrey wrote:
>Every once in a while, a spammer or someone else will post something 
>inappropriate to the forum. Often times we will catch this post right 
>away, before mailman has been able to send the post out to all our 

How do you catch this? If you've received the post from the list, it is
very likely that by the time you are able to react, Mailman will have
completed its delivery to the MTA.

>How might I prevent the post from going out to the rest of list? Is 
>there any way to do this? Note, I'm not asking about emergency 
>moderation, just how to stop a post in the progress of being sent out.

Stop your MTA.
Stop Mailman.
There may or may not be queued messages in the MTA. Examine them all
and delete the ones you don't want delivered.
Start the MTA.
The message may or may not be queued in Mailman. Examine the entries
(.pck files) in Mailman's in/, out/ and retry/ queues with
bin/show_qfiles. If you find any entries containing the unwanted
message, remove them.
Start Mailman.

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