[Mailman-Users] eMailing a members only list from a known locationwith out verifying members.

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Dec 18 16:19:40 CET 2008

Grant Taylor wrote:

>Is it possible to post messages to a members only list with out Mailman 
>validating the sender when posting with a known (specific to this 
>purpose) method?


>Now for the back story.  I am setting up a mailing list that is using a 
>(Usenet) news to email gateway on the news server and having it send / 
>post to a mailing list.  I had the system set to accept messages from 
>unknown senders (any one in the world can post to the news group(s)) but 
>messages were still being moderated because Mailman did not see the 
>mailing list in the To: or CC: fields.  Thus I had an accident where the 
>mailing list sent moderation messages to lots of people.

If you use Mailman's news -> mail gateway to gate messages from a news
group on a news server to the Mailman list. you won't have this

>Is there an option that can be passed to the mm-handler (or comparable) 
>that will tell it to not apply the usual restrictions that probably 
>should be on the mailing list?

If the message to Mailman contains a

Approved: password

header where password is the list admin or list moderator password, all
the normal holds and moderation checks except header_filter_rules will
be bypassed. The header will be removed before the message is

Note that this has nothing to do with mm-handler or other delevery to
mailman method. Even with mm-handler, delivery to Mailman is still via
the mail/mailman wrapper, so mm-handler has no way to manipulate the
message's metadata which is initialized by the post script invoked by
the wrapper.

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