[Mailman-Users] Digests for bounces and mail list stats?

Dan Brown danb at zu.com
Sat Feb 2 08:14:24 CET 2008

We run two different mailing list software programs on our servers, one of
these is mailman 2.1.9 (only been in operation a couple of months), the
other is LetterRip 4.0.7.  Mailman is far faster than LetterRip and we'd
like to replace LetterRip fully (most likely with mailman on Apple Mac OS X
Server).  One of the things people here like with LetterRip (which don't
appear to exist with mailman by itself) however are the Bounce Digests and
Daily Statistics.

On an announcement list recently moved from LetterRip to mailman with nearly
8000 subscribers the first announcement from the new server caused 1337
mailman "Bounce action notification" messages confirming either a suspension
from the mailing list or a removal due to having a bounce score too high.
Is there a way to digest these into either a specific number of bounces or a
timeframe so maybe at most for that many bounces I get perhaps 14
notifications instead?

The Daily Statistics which are being dearly missed when the lists are moved
over (I hadn't realized they were so vital frankly) listed the number of
posts, as well as the number of subscribes and unsubscribes.  Is there any
(patch/plugin/extension) which is capable of creating these.

I realize one or both of these may be more of a feature request (or "hey
that's a good idea! let us know how your patch works out") than a current
Dan Brown
danb at zu.com

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