[Mailman-Users] Outgoing qrunner stops working and outgoing mails get stuck

SP ippaso at trashmail.net
Wed Feb 6 15:18:03 CET 2008

I was not clear in my previous posts, so just to clarify:

Brad Knowles ha scritto:

> You really want to avoid doing any kind of anti-spam check for outgoing 
> mail from Mailman.  All those checks should be done on input, and should 
> not need to be done on output.

The antispam check is performed only on incoming mails: none of the mail 
originating from our server are scanned.

In particular, since for my tests I used an email address on the server 
itself none of the mails sent to the test list had been scanned by 
spamassassin, the high load of the system was due to the fact that in 
the moment mailman tried to send its message there were 20 connections 
from the outside world, and consequently spamassassin was checking those 

> Moreover, you really don't want to do any kind of recipient address 
> validation, if the recipient in question is not local to your network -- 
> that could easily be mistaken by remote sites for a spammer trying to 
> verify his mailing list.

My server is in fact accepting only local mails, no relay at all, so the 
problem does not exist... or am I wrong?
It is quite easy to generate a list of valid local addresses to use to 
perform a check on the "rcpt to:" of a mail and reject mails which are 
addressed to unknown addressees, avoiding the duty of generating plenty 
of bounce messages complaining that the address is unknown.



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