[Mailman-Users] Still Lost

Thomas J Casey jacsdad at nc.rr.com
Tue Feb 5 16:19:26 CET 2008

I'm not very technical so I need some more help please.  Step me through in
terms that are for dummies like me.  I'll try to explain:


I have 20+ Mailing Lists setup with each containing a unique set of
individuals who are to receive email sent to the list.  Some indididuals
need the ability to send email to all mailing lists, while others should
only be authorized to some of them. 


Here is where I'm confused.  


For each of my lists, I need for certain individuals to be able to be able
to submit to the mailing list but only those that I define.  In the Privacy
Section/Sender Filters/All mailing list administration do I set the By
default, should new list member postings be moderated?  to No then add the
list on individuals to the List of non-member addresses whose postings
should be automatically accepted.  I guess the name 'non-member' is where
I'm confused or should I do something different?


In an email from Brad Knowles, he stated: If they are not subscribers, "then
they need to be on the whitelist."  But I cannot find a whitelist anywhere.


I'm getting a lot of heat from our Boy Scout Troop's Leaders and need to get
this functional as soon as possible.


Thanks ahead of time


Jacsdad aka Thomas J Casey
Upon his retirement, a former NASCAR Winston Cup Champion was quoted: "the
Older I get... the Better I was"

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