[Mailman-Users] Non-members seemingly able to post

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Feb 6 18:19:33 CET 2008

Robert Boyd Skipper wrote:

>I just had a fleck of spam sully my mailing list from an email address that is not among 
>the members.  How can this be?  There were still about thirty other piece of spam 
>awaiting administrative approval.  How could this one have slipped through?  Where would 
>I start troubleshooting this? I know it's not just that it's spoofing the list, because 
>the spam ended up in the online archives.

It is not always possible to tell after the fact, but here is some
info. Note that you can find the message in the
archives/private/listname.mbox/listname.mbox file, but this message
has already been processed by Mailman and some Headers may have been
changed from the incoming message.

A message will be determined to be from a member if a members address
appears in any of the From:, Reply-To: or Sender: headers or is the
envelope sender which will be in the initial "From " line in the
listname.mbox file.

If the message is not from a member, it will be accepted if the From:
address, or the Sender: address if there is one and if
USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER is set to Yes in mm_cfg.py, is in or matches a
pattern in accept_these_nonmembers.

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