[Mailman-Users] Non-members seemingly able to post

Robert Boyd Skipper robert at skipperweb.org
Wed Feb 6 23:40:56 CET 2008


Thank you for this information.  The headers don't seem to be the problem, as they 
contain non-member emails.  I don't have direct access to the mm_cfg.py file, and I 
can't find a user_envelope_sender in the web-based administration pages.  So I haven't 
checked into that.

However, I do have one more fact that may be relevant.  I just received another spam 
posting that got through.  It and the previous one both have emails that begin with an 
underscore: _pearl at absinth.com and _nlahtien at musikverein-altenhof.de
So, as a possible quick fix, I've set the Spam filter rule 1 to the following

from: _.*@.*

Maybe this will work?


Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Robert Boyd Skipper wrote:
>> I just had a fleck of spam sully my mailing list from an email address that is not among 
>> the members.  How can this be?  There were still about thirty other piece of spam 
>> awaiting administrative approval.  How could this one have slipped through?  Where would 
>> I start troubleshooting this? I know it's not just that it's spoofing the list, because 
>> the spam ended up in the online archives.
> It is not always possible to tell after the fact, but here is some
> info. Note that you can find the message in the
> archives/private/listname.mbox/listname.mbox file, but this message
> has already been processed by Mailman and some Headers may have been
> changed from the incoming message.
> A message will be determined to be from a member if a members address
> appears in any of the From:, Reply-To: or Sender: headers or is the
> envelope sender which will be in the initial "From " line in the
> listname.mbox file.
> If the message is not from a member, it will be accepted if the From:
> address, or the Sender: address if there is one and if
> USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER is set to Yes in mm_cfg.py, is in or matches a
> pattern in accept_these_nonmembers.

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