[Mailman-Users] User's Profile - "Other incoming email addresses"

Kathy Gee kathyg at anitaborg.org
Wed Feb 6 19:57:41 CET 2008

Sorry for the confusion.  I am running a modified version of Mailman
however, I read in the archives where you can use the "whitelist"?

"In the meanwhile, your choices are to use the whitelist, or to have 
them subscribe multiple addresses and then set the others to be 
NOMAIL." - quote from Brad Knowles on the archives.

It is this "whitelist" I am referring to as the "Other incoming email
addresses" field.  Can you explain what this "whitelist" is?  I don't
see it on the user's option page (referred as "user profile page" in my
initial posting).  If it is just a field where one enters alternate
email addresses so one can post from these alternates, my question is if
there is a way to find these alternate email addresses entered in this

I hope I'm using the correct terms this time :)



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Kathy Gee wrote:

>Does anyone know if there is a Mailman script (or a way) that can find
>email addresses that are entered in the "Other incoming email
>field of the user profile page?  I have already tried using
>"find_member" script which does not include these "other" email
>addresses.  I have also searched on the archive files and did not see
>anything remotely similar to my question.


There is no "user profile page" or "Other incoming email addresses" in
the Mailman I know. Is this some modified Mailman?

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