[Mailman-Users] Sending MovableType notifications via Mailman

Eric Lee ericlee at labourstart.org
Tue Feb 12 14:15:19 CET 2008

I've read about this in several places on the web and have nearly got it
working - but am missing a vital piece of the puzzle.

MovableType (blogging software) sends out Notifications using BCC.  I have
put the address for my Mailman list as the sole subscriber to the
Notification List.  But when I send out a message, even though I receive a
copy as the Mailman list owner, it doesn't go for moderation and isn't sent
to the list.

When I do the same thing from an email client -- sending out a message via
BCC to my Mailman list, coming from the same address (which is the list
administrator address anyway), everything works fine.

In Mailman, I've set the "require_explicit_destination" setting to "No"
which allows BCC'd messages to come through, and I'm using the same 'From'
address in both cases.

So why is Mailman treating one (sent via the email client) as a submission
to the list, to be moderated, and the other (sent to the same address via
MovableType) isn't treated this way.  What could be the difference?

Thanks very much.

Eric Lee

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