[Mailman-Users] [Bug] 2x decode_header? [was: No subscription is made ...]

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Feb 15 17:55:03 CET 2008

Moving to -developers, reply-to set.  Please keep Henrik in the loop.

Seems to be the same as

Henrik Rasmussen writes:

 > Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
 > > Henrik Rasmussen writes:
 > > Of course it's possible that the MUA is just inserting those headers
 > > but it's a lie (the MUA thinks that's enough to let it get away with
 > > just putting UTF-8 *anywhere*).  But note that 0xF8 is illegal in
 > > UTF-8 (for several reasons), so most likely that is intended as an ISO
 > > 8-bit character.
 > > Do you agree that the interpretation of 0xF8 as "ø" is likely here?
 > I'm not sure. The mail body contains a signature "Nørregaard" in
 > the plain text section and "N=C3=B8rregaard" in the HTML section,
 > but there is no "ø" in the header (and thus nor the e-mail address
 > of the subscriber).

This sounds like a bug in Mailman; if the headers do not contain any
characters outside of ASCII, then for some reason Mailman (or the
email module that it calls) is trying to decode the headers twice.

Can you provide a verbatim copy of the original message?  (If privacy
is a problem, send it to Mark Sapiro <mark at sapiro.net>.  Mark is the
likely person to actually do any fixing; I know how this stuff works
in principle but haven't yet actually hacked the core code.)  The
whole thing, with no changes at all, please (you never know what
matters in these things, even changing the .sig could make the bug go

 > But even so, the fact that Mailman issued a 'new' command, the user
 > should have been put on the list (i'm just speculating here, I'm
 > not that familiar with e-mail handeling and especially not Mailman
 > nor Python).

"Issue" a command and "complete" a command are two different things.
I've already archived the earlier posts so I can't evaluate your
conjecture offhand.

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