[Mailman-Users] No subscription is made despite confirmation

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Feb 15 17:36:52 CET 2008

Henrik Rasmussen wrote:
>Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
>> Henrik Rasmussen writes:
>> Of course it's possible that the MUA is just inserting those headers
>> but it's a lie (the MUA thinks that's enough to let it get away with
>> just putting UTF-8 *anywhere*).  But note that 0xF8 is illegal in
>> UTF-8 (for several reasons), so most likely that is intended as an ISO
>> 8-bit character.
>> Do you agree that the interpretation of 0xF8 as "ø" is likely here?
>I'm not sure. The mail body contains a signature "Nørregaard" in the plain text section and "N=C3=B8rregaard" in the HTML section, but there is no "ø" in the header (and thus nor the e-mail address of the subscriber).

If you still have the shunted queue entry .pck file, can you send it to
me off list? I would like to use it for test data.

>But even so, the fact that Mailman issued a 'new' command, the user should have been put on the list (i'm just speculating here, I'm not that familiar with e-mail handeling and especially not Mailman nor Python).

I looked more closely at the traceback, and I think we have a bug. What
happened here is the confirmation was received and processed and the
subscription was confirmed. Then there is a bit at the end of
cmd_confirm.py that 'eats up' the rest of the message and makes a list
of 'unprocessed' lines. It is in this loop that the exception occurs.
The loop goes through the lines skipping any that match the 'confirm
<token>' command just processed, since adding such a line to the
'unprocessed' lines would be confusing.

In this case, the processed confirm command was in the subject, and
because of the way we handle subjects, it was a Unicode string. Thus,
when we looped through the rest of the lines doing

    if line.lstrip() == match:

with match being a Unicode string, line.lstrip() was assumed ascii and
coerced to Unicode for the comparison. This threw the exception when
it got to the signature line with a non-ascii character, and even
though the subscription was confirmed, the exception caused the saving
of the updated list to be skipped and the new member was lost.

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