[Mailman-Users] Sending MovableType notifications via Mailman

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Feb 13 00:29:48 CET 2008

Eric Lee writes:

 > When I do the same thing from an email client -- sending out a message via
 > BCC to my Mailman list, coming from the same address (which is the list
 > administrator address anyway), everything works fine.

It's probably not coming from the same addresses.  Note plural.  IIRC
Mailman considers three different addresses, the RFC 2822 From, the
RFC 2822 Sender, and the RFC 2821 envelope sender for possible
matching with the member list and other whitelisted addresses.

The envelope sender is usually a system user.  Probably the list
administrator mailbox is not the name of a system user account, and
equally probably MovableType is not running under the same system user
that your mail client is.

This is a very likely difference between the working and nonworking
cases.  I don't know if it accounts for the behavior, though, it's
just something to check.

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