[Mailman-Users] Automated moderation

Richard Smits R.Smits at io.tudelft.nl
Thu Feb 21 20:43:28 CET 2008


I have a difficult problem. (Maybe not for you)

Every day we do an import and a member_sync for a couple of lists.

# Postings from any of these non-members will be automatically accepted
# with no further moderation applied.  Add member addresses one per
# line; start the line with a ^ character to designate a regular
# expression match.
accept_these_nonmembers =

We have lists where people has to mail to, and which they are a member
of. So the [Privacy-options, accept_these_non_members] do not work....,
because they are a member....
You have to uncheck the moderate square in the member list.

My question is : can we have 1 list of addresses which can mail to the
list. Now we have to make an exception for the people who are a member
of the list.

(We are doing an automated script import etc... so this is an issue for us)

Or am i missing something ;-)

Greetings.... Richard

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