[Mailman-Users] multiple vhosting for lists

audit audit at c2security.org
Mon Feb 25 17:21:20 CET 2008

Right now I have a multiple lists setup for hosting mail lists off one 
of my hosted sites, I would like to add another domain to host mail 
lists from now also. Under my /usr/local/etc/postfix/transport I have

domain.com mailman:

Can I just add the other domain.tld mailman: to the transport file and 
run postmap /usr/local/etc/postfix/transport

and then in my mm.cfg.py add another line below my current one

add_virtualhost('www.domain.com', 'domain.com')

add_virtualhost('www.newdomain.com', 'newdomain.com')

and then restart mailman?

This is on FreeBSD 6.3 with Mailman 2.1.9 installed from ports.


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