[Mailman-Users] Outgoing qrunner stops working and outgoing mails get stuck

SP ippaso at trashmail.net
Wed Jan 23 19:22:49 CET 2008

Stephen J. Turnbull ha scritto:

> Find the last few logs from Mailman and the MTA before the stoppage.
> This may give experts some clue.  (If I knew what to tell you to look
> for, I would, but experts often can see things that we can't. :)

Good suggestion: I have to wait for the problem to appear again, but as
soon as it jumps out I will post here the logs... the only problem is
that in fact I don't know exactly when the runner stops working: I
can only check the oldest message in the outgoing queue and conclude
that mailman get stuck *earlier* than the time of that message (and, of
course, after the last correctly sent message, but my lists are all low
traffic lists, so the gap may be quite big...)

> Is that Mailman locally built from source, or from the Fedora
> distribution?  

It is built from source; the only customization was that I added a patch
for the script to be executed by users from different groups.

But the odd thing is that the mailman installation worked for long
time (about one year...) without any problem (with qmail as MTA), and
suddenly some months ago it simply started this strange behavior. No
major updates of the software had been done when the problem arose for
the first time.

Thank you, bye,


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