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Brad Knowles brad at python.org
Fri Jun 27 02:26:30 CEST 2008

Hank van Cleef wrote:

> In particular, make sure the Mailman configure script finds your local
> Python build, not the (older) version included in the Solaris
> distribution.  This is the root of the "Korean Codec" problem that
> Mark provided a google search link to.

You can easily solve this during the installation by explicitly telling the 
code where to find your particular preferred version of Python.

I've seen this done on sites that had to maintain a half-dozen different 
versions of Python, because different programs were dependent on different 
versions, and it wasn't possible to get the client code updated so you had 
to keep multiple different versions of the language.

I think this is specified with something like:

	# make install --with-python=/path/to/your/local/python

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