[Mailman-Users] Archive without attachments?

I-Ming Chen iming.chen at spja.org
Tue Mar 11 09:11:26 CET 2008

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Francesco Peeters wrote:
>> I just rebuilt one of my lists' archive as ArchRunner was stuck and
>> didn't archive messages again (apparently since Jan 19th! <G>)
>> After running arch --wipe, I restarted ArchRunner, which is now working
>> to catch up... (14000 messages to go!)
> I'm confused. I don't know why you ran bin/arch --wipe, and do you
> really have over 14000 new messages since Jan 19th?

I've had instances where once I rebuilt the archive, the size of the 
downloadable archive doubled (dupe messges in the gzip or txt). The only way to 
rebuild correctly was to do a --wipe. This was also a case where it stopped 
archiving as well.

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