[Mailman-Users] Feature request: Easier to ban members

Cyndi Norwitz cyndi at tikvah.com
Tue May 6 00:07:36 CEST 2008

I'm putting this here first for feedback.  If you want me to submit it
anywhere, let me know.

I am running version 2.1.9.  I have no control over which version it is.
If this has been updated, great.

I have run into the problem of it being difficult to ban someone.  If the
person is not a subscriber and they try to post a message (all
non-subscribers are set to moderation unless I explicitly allow them), all
I have to do is click on "ban" as I reject or discard their message.

But what if it's a subscriber?

In the latest case, I had a troublemaker on my main list who repeatedly
violated list rules and I wanted to remove and ban her.  Her messages were
already on moderation but there is no "ban" box for subscribers there.  So
I had to copy her email address and go to Privacy options: Subscription
rules and paste her address into the box.  Then I had to go to the
membership area and unsub her.  

Just a few minutes ago, I was looking at the membership list for a spin-off
list I run and noticed she was also subscribed there.  There is no way to
ban someone from the membership list, only unsub.  And if you open up their
subscription details, there is also no ban function there.

So, I had to cut and paste back at the sub rules again and then go back to
membership and unsub her.

I don't think banning should be a simple check off box, because there are
so many boxes it is easy to be confused (since you can't see the headers as
you scroll down) but could there be a link to it?  And one where banning
also unsubs (can't imagine any situtation where a listowner would want to
ban someone but leave them subscribed)?

Perhaps an admin-only section (shows only when you're logged in as the
listowner) when you open up a member's subscription info page.  Something
where I can kick-ban in a single operation.

It would be nice to be able to do this from the moderation panel too, just
like you can with non-subscribers.

With the popularity of spammers who like to subscribe to a list then spam
away, it is really helpful to make kick-banning simple.  And also for us
listowners who run lists where we get "spies" and moles (many subscribers
have lawsuits against former or current employers due to work injuries and
stuff like that).


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