[Mailman-Users] clarification on virtual domains

bijayant kumar bijayant4u at yahoo.com
Wed May 7 11:07:14 CEST 2008

Hi list,

I have postfix configure for virtual domain. Whenever
i add a new list for a new domain, it takes the
new-list at previousdomain.com as a email address for
newly created list and all the aliases being generated
on the basis of previousdomain.com. When i change the
default host this list prefers setting from the
interface, then mails are started to bounce saying
user unknown in virtual mailbox table. I will explain
my problem with the example...
I have three virtual domain dom1.com,
in mm_cfg.py i have
add_virtualhost('lists.bijayant.com', 'dom1.com')

It works fine. lists created takes the address
list1 at dom1.com.

But when i add a new list say list2 like

add_virtualhost('lists.bijayant.com', 'dom1.com')
add_virtualhost('lists.bijayant.com', 'dom2.com')

The newly created list2 takes the address
list2 at dom1.com

when i update hostname setting from the list2
Administrative interface, mail start bouncing.

I hope i am able to convey my problem.

My question is how to achieve this, i have read some
articles and tried to follow those but without any
success. Please guide me to achieve this.

Bijayant Kumar

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