[Mailman-Users] Help with aliases

Lynn, Michael (A&E) michael_lynn at ml.com
Tue May 13 22:05:20 CEST 2008


Maybe instead of manually editing aliases - you can simply regenerate
your aliases on a periodic basis.  You can use mailman/bin/genaliases to
do that... If you place a delimiter in your aliases file, you can use
something like the attached script to regenerate your entire
/etc/aliases file.

# quick and very dirty alias regenerator
$GENALIASES='/var/mailman/bin/genaliases -q';
@IN=`cat /etc/aliases`;
for (@IN){
        print "$_\n";
        last if $_=~/($DELIM)/msg;
for (@OUT) {
        print "$_";

And simply insert "#%STARTMMALIASES%" into your /etc/aliases just before
your mailman aliases.  You'll probably want to wrap some error checking
around it so you don't clobber your aliases file.

Granted... If you've got volumes of lists - it may not make sense to
regenerate very often but at least it will be automated.


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From: Melinda Gilmore [mailto:gilmore.126 at osu.edu] 
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Subject: RE: [Mailman-Users] Help with aliases

Thanks for trying,  but that is my problem.  The instructions I am
to set it up automatically are not working for me. 

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Woops - stock newlist doesn't add to /etc/aliases automatically... The
command I suggested won't help.

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From: Lynn, Michael (A&E)
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 2:59 PM
To: 'Melinda Gilmore'; mailman-users at python.org
Subject: RE: [Mailman-Users] Help with aliases

Maybe I missed something but - Isn't it just a "/usr/bin/newaliases"?

Unless you have some other automation wrapped around the call to newlist
- you could easily create an alias:

alias newlist='<your path to mailman>/bin/newlist;/usr/bin/newaliases'

This limits your command line options - but will save you a couple

You could also schedule a call to newaliases via cron - but that seems
like overkill.


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Subject: [Mailman-Users] Help with aliases

I have been a good girl and have been looking in the archives.  But I am
missing something here.  I cannot get my mailman to update the aliases
database.  I check the setting in the manual.   I am running mailman
postifx.  I have looked at the newlist --help and I just cannot get my
db to update.  I hate to have to do this manually.

Any guidance would be great.

Melinda Gilmore
Systems Engineer
The Ohio State University
Enterprise Messaging/OIT

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