[Mailman-Users] supress acknowledgment of subscription request?

billc billc_lists at greenbuilder.com
Wed May 14 05:10:36 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Is it possible to supress acknowledgement of subscription requests on 
a specific list?

One list I've maintained for quite a while on another listserv system 
is for my own use only, collecting addresses of users who subscribe 
to service on our website.  The users come and go, allow their 
subscriptions to that service to lapse, etc, but I want to keep a 
cumulative list of them.  The way i've been doing it is to 
auto-subscribe them to a list.   They don't need to know that I'm 
adding them to the list.

 From what I can see there's no button or checkbox to turn the return 
email off.  Is there a simple way to do so for just one list?  Is it 
possible to set it up such that any email to this one list address - 
which is fairly long and obscure and has never and will never be 
published anywhere - will get fully subscribed without confirmation 
or approval?

If it's a lot of trouble i'll just figure out an alternative method, 
probably dropping them into a database table.

Bill Christensen
billc at greenbuilder.com

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