[Mailman-Users] why do i keep getting awaiting approval messages ?

Barry Finkel b19141 at anl.gov
Tue May 27 19:21:10 CEST 2008

"Anant Maringanti" <am72subs at gmail.com> wrote, in part:

>I have looked up the archives and the FAQ but perhaps I dont even know
>what I am looking for.  I have recently set up a mailing list. I think
>I have set up the list for not holding up any member's posting for
>admin approval. But each time there is a posting, it gets held up and I
>get a message saying "message awaiting approval" and it wont go through
>until I approve of it. At first I thought it was because messages were
>coming in with html in them  -- so I sent a message in plain text
>format to test but even that got held up. Where should I look? Here are
>the main options which I think are relevant as I have set them. Any
>suggestions in this regard will be greatly appreciated:

You have told us much, but you have not told us why the "message
awaiting approval" was issued.  In that mail there should be a reason
why the mail was sent to the list moderator(s) for approval, such as

     a) posting by a non-member to a member-only list
     b) "implicit destination"
     c) too many recipients
     d) and others

Without knowing the reason, we can only guess at the reason and attempt
to give you advice.  I could tell you how to fix "implicit destination",
but that will not help you if that is not the cause of your problem.
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