[Mailman-Users] Incoming Mail not being processed?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Nov 19 00:46:09 CET 2008

Jewel wrote:

>At first mail was being delivered - then it stopped - and now it's 
>delivering again but everytime it has been delivering the messages are 
>delivered out of order and the delay can be anywhere from 10 min - 4 

Is your incoming MTA greylisting? This can cause delays and out of
sequence messages, and you can't control the delay because it's
entirely up to the sending MTA. However, if it is greylisting, it
would normally affect only the first post from any particular user to
any particular list. Also, if the message reaches the list archive
without delay, that rules out greylisting.

>I looked at the FAQ and I know this is not my issue because users 
>from gmail, aol, yahoo, etc are receiving - it's just that they response 
>of post is delayed.

OK if the problem is only delay and not totally missing messages,
however, it is possible that some AOL (or other ISP) users will
receive a message and others not because of their individual
whitelists, spam options, etc.

>If I send a test to the mailman list (which I am a 
>member of) I can see in the /var/log/maillog that the message was sent 
>and my smtp log looks fine.  I can also see the post in archives.  A 
>while later I will finally see the post in my inbox.

This sounds like a backlogged out/ queue --

>> For slow delivery, check Mailman's 'smtp' log and Mailman's qfiles/out/
>> queue for signs of backlogging - i.e. anywhere from some to lots of
>> entries in qfiles/out; log entries of the form
>> Nov 18 08:51:29 2008 (30746) <message id> smtp to LISTNAME for 217
>> recips, completed in 4.734 seconds
>> with fewer than tens or hundreds of messages per second and timestamps
>> equal to the previous entry's time stamp plus the processing time of
>> this entry.

>I am concerned 
>that my machine is the culprit  but am not sure.  I have check the 
>qfiles/in and qfiles/out and they are empty.

OK, so the out/ queue is not backlogged all the time, but maybe it is
sometimes. Maybe it's not at all in which case the delays are in
outbound Postfix or beyond.

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