[Mailman-Users] so how can I test a modified gate_news?

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Nov 21 07:33:01 CET 2008

on 11/21/08 12:24 AM, Grant Taylor said:

> I had not thought about the separate news server.  Though I don't 
> completely understand why you can't test on the same news server.

You could actually test on the same news server for sending out the 
traffic, but you still need that independent verification test, to see 
how things look once they get off that local server.

You need to do more than just the loopback test, although the loopback 
test is where you start.

> If you will let me know what you want installed for your test bed, I'll 
> set something up.  I can also provide email addresses for testing if you 
> don't care about the domain that they are at.  Just let me know.

We'll keep that in mind.  And if Skip wants to move forward on setting 
this up on a schedule that is tough for the members of the postmaster 
team to assist with, then of course he's certainly free to contact you 
for that assistance.

That's a decision I'll leave up to him.

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