[Mailman-Users] How did I break my mailman?

TGPlatt, WebMaster webwitchcraft at webwitchcraft.com
Fri Oct 24 20:23:25 CEST 2008

I took an existing mailman web account that was working just fine and moved
it from our test directory to our production directory. Mailman remains
unchanged. Relative paths are all the same as they were before. I checked
that. Subscriptions still work (as long as "confirm" is turned off in the
privacy options) and all the admin functions seem to work as well. 


Yet, suddenly mailman seems unable to send out emails to any of its
subscribers. It can't even send out new subscriber confirmation emails or
"your message was held for approval emails".  In fact when I tried to turn
enrollment confirmation on, pretty much everything stopped working but when
I turned it back off again then users could once again sign up; but none of
the messages mailman should be sending out to list members are actually
getting mailed. 


All this stuff worked FINE yesterday before the move; so somehow this is
clearly related to the move; but I'm not exactly sure what could be wrong.
Any troubleshooting suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'd like to
answer these questions:


1.	Why don't confirmations work? 
2.	2. Why can't mailman send emails to list members? 




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