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> =0A=0A=0A=0A=0A=0AHi=0AThank you for the answers and yes the problem is
> wit=
> h the server that doesn=C2=B4t allow more than 400 mails an hour!!!!
> and my=
>  list has 500 members...., I just changed servers a month ago=C2=A0and
> sinc=
> e the beginning the mailing list wasn=C2=B4t working well and every
> time I =
> contacted them told me that the problem wasn=C2=B4t the
> server....=C2=A0and=
>  these guys kept that issue from me all the time and=C2=A0I
> just=C2=A0found=
>  out=C2=A0what was the=C2=A0 problem=C2=A0 and talked to them yesterday
> and=
> =C2=A0told them everything I think of....._and what makes me more mad
> is th=
> at my contract with them was that the mailman work properly, anyway_ so
> now=
>  I have to change servers again....and I=C2=B4m looking for the best
> option=
>  and I after going through the list you guys sent me I like EMWD=C2=A0
> caus=
> e they have a mailman hosting=C2=A0 _that=C2=B4s all I need cause my
> web is=
>  in another server_but I have contacted them twice already (yesterday
> and t=
> his morning)and haven=C2=B4t had any answer yet....and most of all I
> need g=
> ood
>  technical service since I=C2=B4m just the administrator and a user of
> the =
> list,=C2=A0and not a programer..so I really don=C2=B4t know why they
> are no=
> t answering me...so if=C2=A0you guys from EMWD=

I have replied to Jaionea twice now using 2 different e-mail addresses to
send our replies but evidently our responses are going into Yahoo.com's
famous black hole. I have verified that my messages were delivered to
yahoo's mail server but where they go from there is beyond me. I hate
yahoo.com and I wish people would stop using their awful mail service.

Jaionea, if you have a different e-mail address then please let me know what
it is so I can send you our responses again. That is if you receive this.

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