[Mailman-Users] Multi list management ..

Hank van Cleef vancleef at lostwells.net
Sun Sep 7 18:27:11 CEST 2008

The esteemed Khalil Abbas has said:
> Dear Brad,
> first of all, godaddy has a very very strict policy against spamming, you can read about it in their website.. if they noticed the least of bounces they would terminate your whole server .. besides, my list is OPT-IN and I never use the mass subscribe feature unless I want to move people from one list to another ..
> second, what I meant was: each subscriber likes the service so much that he sends it to his friends, and his friends like it so much that most of them subscribe.. for the service is very cool, a single line of quote that is never hard to read with great wisdom and benefit ..  Third, you should think better of people, religious messages is not about bugging other people it's about teaching them not to disturb other people ..Thanks..
Khalil Abbas:

The more you protest in mails to this list, the more you come across
as a spammer, pure and simple.  

Your original description:

"the problem is, everyday I have to MASS-REMOVE the list of addresses
that wants to cancel on all the small lists .. as well as have to 
MASS-SUBSCRIBE the list of new subscriptions on all of the small lists 
which is getting really exhausting especially that my list is growing 
very fast (sometimes 5000+ subscribers a day) and I have to open a new 
small list every like 50 or 60 new thousand subscribers .."

Mass-subscribe isn't "opt-in" by any stretch of the imagination.  And
having to mass-remove those who protest simply acknowledges that
people don't like to be spammed.  Beyond which, many users are taught
that responding to spammers will simply validate their e-mail and
produce more spam.  5000+ new subscribers a day says to me loud and
clear that you are harvesting e-mail addresses from somewhere, or
several somewheres.  That's junk mail quantities.  I live in a 9900
square mile county where every e-mail address in the county would be
subscribed in 2-3 days at that rate.  All of New York City might take a 
couple of weeks.  A demographic of 250K "qualified buyers" comes
across as an order of magnitude (i.e. 10 times) larger than anything
I'd expect without clear-cut proof.

Add to that the subject matter you are mailing.  I am an old bull
(mid-70's), and if there are is a red flag that gets the old bull's
attention, it's religious mailings of any type.  Politics rates a
distant second.  
Don't bother talking to me about thinking better of people, forgiving
gods, etc. when your description is of "religious messages is not
about bugging other people it's about teaching them not to disturb 
other people," and your methodology is to mass e-mail them with these

In short, the more you post, the less I'm inclined to believe that you
are running anything other than a spam operation.  I may not know
everything, but as the late Red Skelton said, "I calls them the way I
sees them."


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