[Mailman-Users] accept these non members: @listname not working

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Sep 9 21:10:06 CEST 2008

Gary Casterline wrote:
>I take care of some list housed on an ISP that's running Mailman 2.1.11.
>The feature to include lists in the privacy/sender/accept these
>nonmembers box is *apparently* there (the html help link describes the
>feature at least), however, folks who are members of the specified
>@listname are being held for approval with reason: "post by non member"

What Mailman version is this (from the lower left of a web page)? If it
just says 2.1.11, that won't help us much, but if it has additional
notations like 2.1.11-1 or 2.1.11cp1, that says it's someones package
which may have issues with this feature.

In particular, if it's cPanel (cp following the release) this feature
may not play well with their listname munging. I.e. you may need to
use @listname_hostname insteat of @listname.

Other than packager or ISP mods, the only thing that might affect this
is the mm_cfg.py setting USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER. If this is Yes, a
Sender: header in the message will take precedence over From: in
determining who the poster is, but this is unlikely to be the reason
except occasionally.

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