[Mailman-Users] AOL Redacting

Lloyd Tennison lists at viplist.us
Fri Sep 19 20:36:30 CEST 2008

Has anyone written a script that can take the emails from AOL with the 
redacted address and have it find the correct email address in the maillog? 
 There was a thread that talked about it, but I do not see that anyone did 

I have tried, but a coder I am not.  As I understand the problem, the script 
needs to:

1.	Take the bounce message
2.	Read what list it was sent from
3.	Find the ID in the maillog 
4.	Gather the email address from the message ID
5.	Run remove_members on the list gathered in step 2 with the email address 
matched in step 4.

The script could either run from a cron, but ideally would run as the emails 
were piped to it.  That way the script could also be used on other ARF 
feedback loops.

Do we have a script writer willing to do this?  My feeble attempts have 

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