[Mailman-Users] migrating Mailman

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Sep 24 16:58:09 CEST 2008

Shambhu Sharma wrote:
>                   Thanks. I was able to migrate a mailing list
>successfully. But i have one issue. Mailing list on server "A" is as "
>listname_domain.com" but the real_name is "listname". After migration, i
>tried to send one email to listname at domain.com but it went for moderator
>approval and reason was "Message has implicit destination.". I turned off
>this option from "Privacy Options"-"Recipient Filters" and its working fine
>My point is, on server "A" it was working fine with same setting but to make
>it work smoothly on server "B" i had to turned off the option. Did i miss
>anything while migrating the mailing list?

Are you migrating from cPanel to non-cPanel? If not, "A" had some other
patched Mailman. See the FAQ at <> for why I can't be of much help,
but one thing you could try is instead of turning off
require_explicit_destination, add "listname at domain.com" to

You could also try dumping the configuration on the new server with
bin/config_list -o and editing any "listname__domain.com" entries you
find to just "listname" and then applying the edited settings with
bin/config_list -i.

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