[Mailman-Users] mailman mailinglist configuration for internal domain

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Sep 25 20:59:06 CEST 2008

David Hláik wrote:
> our mail providers started blocking mail adresses which originates
> from unknown domains.

By originates, do you mean sending SMTP host name, host name in
HELO/EHLO, or host name in MAIL FROM?

The only one of these that has anything to do with Mailman is the
envelope sender (MAIL FROM).

> Server running mailman has internal name sx1.labs.hlacik.eu .
> Mailman uses its mailinglist i believe configured in sitelist.cfg.
> Currently we are using virtual configuration in mailman
> one of virtual domains is groups.hlacik.eu
> I believe that i can create mailinglist mailman at groups.hlacik.eu and
> tell mailman to use as this one for notifications to admins and so.

There is only one 'mailman' site list. You can make it's host_name
groups.hlacik.eu if you want.

> Is this best approach ?

This won't work for all messages. It will work for some, but the rest
will come from DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST (or the email host that corresponds to
DEFAULT_URL_HOST is its add_virtualhost).

> Where can i tell mailman to use this mailinglists?
> Or the best think for me will be , if i will be able to tell mailman
> to send those notifications from noreply at hlacik.eu. But how?

Mailman is not going to send with envelope from 'noreply' unless you
modify the code to make it do so, but unless you made very "special
case" modifications, you'd break automated bounce processing

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