[Mailman-Users] mailman mailinglist configuration for internal domain

David Hláčik david at hlacik.eu
Thu Sep 25 09:24:01 CEST 2008

Hello guys,

our mail providers started blocking mail adresses which originates
from unknown domains.

Server running mailman has internal name sx1.labs.hlacik.eu .

Mailman uses its mailinglist i believe configured in sitelist.cfg.

Currently we are using virtual configuration in mailman

one of virtual domains is groups.hlacik.eu

I believe that i can create mailinglist mailman at groups.hlacik.eu and
tell mailman to use as this one for notifications to admins and so.

Is this best approach ?

Where can i tell mailman to use this mailinglists?

Or the best think for me will be , if i will be able to tell mailman
to send those notifications from noreply at hlacik.eu. But how?

Thanks in advance


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