[Mailman-Users] Unsubscribe link on msg_footer

Steff Watkins s.watkins at nhm.ac.uk
Thu Dec 17 12:47:46 CET 2009

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> Subject: [Mailman-Users] Unsubscribe link on msg_footer
> Hi list,
> I would place in email footer the link to give possibility to 
> the user to unsubscribe (possibly directly, without insert 
> the password)
> I try to do this adding in msg_footer the following
> Unsubscribe: %(user_optionsurl)s?password=%(user_password)
> s&unsub=1&unsubconfirm=1
> but Mailman (2.1.11 on Debian Lenny) said me that I can't use 
> user_optionsutl in this variable
> There is any other way to do this?
> Thank you

I'm sorry to say this but this gives me the screaming hab-dabs.

Emailing a user's password in plain text WITHOUT the user requesting it
or expecting it???

Please... No... Don't do it. Walk away from the whizzy
super-fasty-clicky-interfacey-clicky thing and ... No!

Just don't.. Please?

By all means link them back to the webpage that allows them to
unsubscribe. By all means link them to the webpage that allows them to
have a password reminder/reset their password.

But don't EVER just randomly send out a user's password to them
BECAUSE... Well, they MIGHT want to unsubscribe... Or floss the cat..

Sorry to seem like such a <insert preferred expletive here> but this
opens the door to some many different types of Hell it is strongly to be

Regards, (Xmas cheers and all that... Ho ho ho!)

S Watkins

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