[Mailman-Users] glitch or something I missed?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Dec 21 16:10:27 CET 2009

Hicks, Robert CTR wrote:

>I setup mailman and I have a user that sent me the following:
>I am the list administrator for several deckplates in District 13.  
>Yesterday I had 2 submissions (different subjects) by the same person to
>3 different deckplates.  When I went to approve them, both messages were there but there was only one big box covering both messages to approve, discard, etc.  Usually there is a separate approval box for each message.  Anyway, I checked approve on all 3 deckplates, but only the message with the earliest date was released.
>I've never had this happen before.  Usually there is an approval box for each message and I have released several at once in the past.  Is this a glitch in the system?

When there are multiple held posts from the same address, they are
always grouped as above (by sender) on the admindb summary page.

If the moderator wants to deal with or view the messages separately,
she/he can click the individual message number and get a detail page
for that message only, and it can be approved/rejected/discarded from

If the sender group is acted upon on the summary page, the action
applies to all messages in the group.

As to why only one of the three messages reached the list(s) in this
case, it is possible only one was accepted from it's detail page, or
two of the three accepted messages could have been rejected/discarded
by content filtering. If the messages were discarded by content
filtering, there will be discard messages in Mailman's vette log. If
they were rejected, there is no log message, but the poster should
have received the rejection.

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