[Mailman-Users] Mailman < > forum ?

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Dec 22 01:59:40 CET 2009

John Fitzsimons writes:

 > Are there currently *any* web forum(s) that enable forum/mailman
 > mirroring ? In other words a Mailman email going to a web forum and
 > vica versa ?

Precisely what does a "web forum" do?  Would Trac or Roundup serve?

These are nominally "issue trackers" (and Trac is bundled with a wiki
which might or might not be attractive for your purpose).  However,
what they basically do is manage threads.  Roundup is quite good at
integrating mail and web submissions at least for its purpose (but it
doesn't thread automatically; instead, each issue might be thought of
as a manually specified thread).  I don't know how well Trac handles
mail submissions, I only use the web interface of the Tracs I deal

Roundup is a hairball, but very very configurable.  Trac is a lot more
slick but at least in the incarnation where I met it
(bugs.macosforge.org circa summer 2007) it was a ponderous
unconfigurable beast requiring massive admin attention to get the
smallest tweak implemented (or maybe it's just that the MacPorts folks
can't admin their way out of a paper bag, I've seen other symptoms to
suggest that's the case, so don't take this as entirely negative on
Trac -- not to mention that lots of people love it).

I've briefly mentioned integrating some Roundup functions with the
mailman interface to Barry but that hasn't gone anywhere yet.

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