[Mailman-Users] Increasing the Speed of Email Delivery

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Wed Dec 23 19:59:55 CET 2009

On Dec 23, 2009, at 11:24 AM, Derrick Wooden wrote:

> Brad, upon reading this thread again you are correct.  It was NOT implied
> that MySQL would speed up email delivery, but rather MySQL would be a better
> database solution.

As a database, yes -- MySQL is better at that job than using Python "pickles", which is what Mailman does today.  Unfortunately, there are no official interfaces between the current version of Mailman and MySQL.  There is the MySQL Member Adapter, but it's not officially supported (so far as I know), so the best you can get with the current version is to run a script which periodically extracts the information from MySQL and then puts that into Mailman, and vice-versa.

Mailman3 will have a much improved database interface that will include MySQL, but it's not here yet.

> Brad, I would be interested in contracting your services.  Please email me
> off the forum.  derrickwooden AT gmail

Unfortunately, I am not in a position to do this kind of consulting anymore.  I'll give advice for free, but that's the best I can do at the moment.

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