[Mailman-Users] Mass change user's email address

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Feb 17 19:23:46 CET 2009

Manuel Vacelet wrote:
>I've googled a bit and browsed the FAQ but I didn't find the answer to
>my question:
>I there a way to mass change emails in all the mailing lists on a given server ?

Yes, but only one address at a time.

>I'm a mailman site admin and I have a lot of users that had their
>email changed following a re-branding of their company
>(john.doe at test.com -> john.doe at example.com). I have the map "old email
>-> new email" and I'm looking for a way to update the membership of
>the lists.
>Is there a well known way to do it or do I have to script something
>around "add_members / remove_members" ?

You have to script it, but use bin/clone_member which will just change
the address without changing any other settings.

bin/clone_member --admin --remove old_addr new_addr

will change old_addr to new_addr on all lists including owner and
moderator addresses.

See bin/clone_member --help

You still have to script it to run the command once for each old/new
pair, but clone_member is the command to use.

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